To be Strong and Beautiful in Mind and Body.

<Morning Stretch Karate>
Slow and deep breathing karate stretch exercises to envigorate the mind and the body.  Lets start your day in a positive note!
<Karate Stretch Plus>
Start with karate stretch exercises, then on to Kihon and Kata lessons.
<Senior Class>
It's not too late to start karate at any age!  Gentle and relaxed lessons starting with Kihon and eventually on to black belt.  

<Women`s Class>
Learning karate while toning the body.  Karate also prepares you with self defence maneuvers.
<15 Minutes Karate Exercise>
Exercises you can do in your office attire.  Lets get rid of the 3 major office fatigues, sore shoulder, back aches and swelling!

<Tradtional Karate Class>
Traditional karate class for beginners and advanced levels, learning different kata and Waza in a safe and fun environment.
Karatedo will change your life for the better! 

<Traditional Karate Plus>
Class focusing more on strength through  Kihon, Kata and Kumite.  For those who are athletic and want to go further than the Traditional Class.  Also for those training to be an instructor.
<Aerobics Karate>
Aerobics Karate
Using karate Waza, vigorous movements with music using different muscles for leaner body.  Shouting Kiai will refresh you!
<Children`s Class>
Learn how to be courteous.
Learn how to persevere and endeavor.
Learn how to be considerate to others. 
Bushido will teach the basic ways of being to become responsible youths.
*Classes in white are not regular classes. Please ask for lesson schedule.