Born on June 21, 1980.
Played soccer and volleyball as youth; began karate from college.


1999  Graduated from Taisho University  majoring in Buddhism

2005  Entered Japan karate association(JKA) as a trainee.
          After a three year training period, worked as an instructor at
          JKA headquarters for two years.
2010  Left JKA to found "KUUYUUKAI"
2012  Established Headquarter Dojo in Akasaka, Minato-ku.


<Instructional Experience>
- Instructor for Karate classes in Tokyo, Chiba, and Gumma for children and adults
- Part-time instructor for corporations
- JKA instructor for Domestic and overseas karate classes
- Coach for the Tokyo National Team
- Junior high school physical education "martial art" class instructor

- Author to "Karate gymnastics diet" (Asahi Shimbun Publications, Inc.)

"Karate-do" (Yamakei Publishers)

"Karate-do" (Yamakei Publishers)

"Karate-do" (Yamakei Publishers)


- Nagatanien CM contract (miso soup, fried rice, and "ocyazuke")

- Writing in many magazines

Talent agency
Horipro, Inc.  Sports culture part affiliation


Championship Record

2000 National Sports Festival adult women Kumite Section runner-up
2002 WKF World Karate Championships  3rd in 60 kg class
2003 WKC World Karate champion

2003 、2005
Asian Karate Championships mid weight class champion


Paris Convention (Open de Paris) open

2002 Category runner-up
2004 Open category 3rd place
2008 Open category runner-up

2009 All Japan Championships team competition winner 


2005 National Karate Championships runner-up
2006 National Karate Championships champion
2007 National Karate Championships runner-up
2012 National Karate Championships champion


2004 Shoto Cup competition World Karate Championships runner-up
2006 Shoto Cup competition World Karate Championship champion



2002~2008    Member of the Japan National Team